Performance defines reputation - SIRQ Construction
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Performance defines reputation


You’re ready to build, but you’re not sure what it will take. This is where SIRQ is a valuable partner. We’ll lend our expertise to help you understand what it takes to build your project including the all important questions of “how much” and “how long.” We’ll help you create a budget and schedule first so you can make an educated business decision. You can trust SIRQ to tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. Getting us involved early will save you time and money on your project.


Nothing we do is “rocket science” but a lot of little decisions early in the process add up. What delivery method you choose has an impact on your experience. We’ll help you understand it so you can participate in the process and know what you are getting into.


Ok. This is important! A lot has to happen before a shovel hits the ground to ensure success of a project. This is where budgets are finalized, designs come together, teams are assembled, permits are acquired and your project gets ready for construction. A SIRQ Project Manager will guide you through this process and will be with you from beginning through completion of your project. At SIRQ, we don’t have “estimators.” You get an experienced Project Manager right from the beginning to guide you through preconstruction and manage your project, ensuring continuity and accuracy. SIRQ Project Managers are also owners of the company, so your success is our success.


At SIRQ we are a full service Construction Management firm spanning the spectrum from traditional delivery systems to a tailored construction manager role. We provide all of the services to manage a project, but with a real focus on our customer. We understand that “general contractors” have an unfavorable reputation in the public eye, which is why we do things different. It’s what we call “a better way” and we’ve built our company reputation on it. Performance defines reputation. It’s why 100% of our projects are completed on time and on budget. It’s the SIRQ experience that results in successful projects and lifelong friendships.


We aren’t in business to just build buildings. We are focused on building successful relationships that lead to successful projects now and in the future.